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ANTH 648 Human Osteology

ANTH 648.  Human Osteology.  4 Credits.   N LFE   

This course examines the structure and function of the human skeleton from an evolutionary and biomedical perspective. Students will learn to identify bones comprising the human skeleton and how osteological information aids in reconstructing sex, age, race, stature, and health status. Major transformations of the human skeleton from hominoid precursors, and some of the biomedical consequences of these transformations, will be addressed. (Same as BIOL 548.) Prerequisite: An introductory course in physical anthropology, biology, or permission of instructor.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology completing 9 hours from the following: ANTH 648 Human Osteology BIOL 240 Fundamentals of...

Master of Arts in Museum Studies

...and Programs: ANTH 520 Archaeological Ceramics 3 ANTH 582 Ethnobotany 3 ANTH 648 Human Osteology...