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ARCH 508 Material and Tectonics

ARCH 508.  Material and Tectonics.  6 Credits.     

A continuation of the Architectural Studio sequence with major emphasis on studies in urban spaces and design development of building envelopes as related to urban public-life, structural and mechanical systems, and principles of sustainability. Students shall work individually on an advanced building design. Work will focus on medium scale, multi-story, urban-infill, buildings developed to an appropriate level of technical resolution as evidenced in clear schematic wall sections and structural proposals. Students shall demonstrate an understanding of formal ordering and building-concept development as related to the tectonic form determinants. Students are required to bring a laptop computer to this studio class. Prerequisite: ARCH 209.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

The mission of the Department of Design is to seek to engage its students in the practice of design thinking and visualization to create beautiful, innovative, and responsible solutions (products, spaces, systems, messages, and services) that respond to human needs and enhance the quality of everyday life. The Department of Design encompasses a rich tradition and a long history of educating students to engage in current paradigms toward defining the future of design practice. Exceptional faculty and state-of-the-art facilities provide an environment that cultivates and optimal educational experience in each area of undergraduate and graduate study through innovative and comprehensive curricula and experiences. Students gain insights from lectures and workshops with world-renowned designers, collaborations with industry partners, and opportunities to participate in short-term study abroad programs and semester-long internships in the US and abroad. Check out a selection of great student work:  Illustration & Animation Industrial Design Photography Visual Communication Design Outside of class projects: Study Abroad, Workshops and Blitzes The University of Kansas Department of Design is an accredited institutional member of the  National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Bachelor of Arts in Slavic, German, and Eurasian Studies

...II. Satisfied by: PLSH 508 Advanced Polish consultation with CREES. ARCH 600 Special Topics...

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design

...308 Script Analysis THR 508 Fundamentals of Directing...architecture electives (HA or ARCH courses) 6 Completion...