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ARCH 541 Global History of Architecture II: From Industrial Revolution to Present (1700 CE-Present)

ARCH 541.  Global History of Architecture II: From Industrial Revolution to Present (1700 CE-Present).  3 Credits.     

The second unit of study of the two-part survey history course offers a global perspective of the development of modern architecture from the industrial revolution to contemporary times. This course traces the genealogy of modern architecture to its multiple roots in European enlightenment, global dissemination of industrial knowledge, invention of new building materials and techniques, and development of architectural theory. Emphasis is on the historical context of how the diverse approaches of architects from different regions create variations of formal expressions, spatial program and theoretical underpinning, and thus create multiple meanings and images of modern architecture. Prerequisite: ARCH 340 or ARCH 540 or ARCH 640 or consent of instructor.

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Students in the B.S. in architectural engineering (ARCE) program are admitted by and must fulfill the graduation requirements of the School of Engineering. The program is administered by the School of Engineering's Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering (CEAE).