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ARCH 620 Theory of Urban Design

ARCH 620.  Theory of Urban Design.  3 Credits.     

An examination of the relationship between architecture and urban design through contemporary interpretations of future urban form and the determinants of the location, spatial structure, growth and decline of cities. Foundations for an interdisciplinary synthesis are examined in an attempt to bridge the hiatus between large-scale architectural design and incremental adjustments to urban dynamics. Prerequisite: Must have completed Arch 208 and be enrolled in Arch 209 during the spring semester this course is offered.

Undergraduate Certificate in Architecture Acoustics

  To receive the Certificate in Architectural Acoustics students must complete 12 hours from the courses listed below, including either ARCH 520 / ARCH 720 or ARCH 521 / ARCH 721 or ARCE 620 .  

Graduate Certificate in Urban Design

...Urban Design Certificate are required to take ARCH 620 for 3 credits. Any combination of...

Graduate Certificate in Architectural Acoustics

...listed below, including either ARCH 720 or ARCH 721 or ARCE 620 . For further information...