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ASLD 502. Theories of Interpreting: Co-Constructions of Meaning. 3 Hours.

This course provides an introduction to current theories in the processes of translation and interpreting through a lens of meaning-based analysis and co-construction of meaning. Students will come to understand and apply several theoretical constructs as they perform intra- and inter- lingual exercises. This course is offered at the 500 and 700 level with additional assignments at the 700 Level. Not open to students with credit in ASLD 702. Prerequisite: ASLD 501 or ASLD 701 and ASLD 521 or 721 with a minimum of a C; B recommended or Instructor Approval. LEC.

Undergraduate Certificate in ASL/English Interpreting

...Track Required: ASLD 501 Introduction to the ASL/English Interpreting Profession ASLD 502 Theories of...