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ASLD 506. American Sign Language VI (ASL VI). 3 Hours.

This course is continuing from ASLD 505 ASL V. Students focus on discourse, variation in sign language use, and understanding how the Deaf community is part of a linguistic and cultural minority. Topics that will be covered include perspectives on Deafhood, attitudes toward Deaf people and signed languages, technology and communication. Students will expand on vocabulary by working on areas of advanced subject matter, application of non-manual markers, use of classifiers, and proper pronominalization. This course is offered at the 500 and 700 level with additional assignments at the 700 Level. Not open to students with credit in ASLD 706. Prerequisite: ASLD 505 or ASLD 705 or instructor approval. LEC.

Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced American Sign Language

...following: Required Courses: ASLD 505 American Sign Language V (ASL V) ASLD 506 American Sign...