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ASLD 607. Ethics and Professionalization for Interpreters. 3 Hours.

This course examines ethics as it relates to the work of interpreting through study of ethical codes of conduct, models of decision-making and elements of becoming an ethical professional. Students will come to understand the complexities of ethical decision-making and the importance of self-awareness, reflective practice and responsibility as they consider implications on micro and macro levels. This course is offered at the 600 and 800 level with additional assignments at the 800 Level. Not open to students with credit in ASLD 807. Prerequisite: ASLD 603 or ASLD 803 or instructor approval. LEC.

Undergraduate Certificate in ASL/English Interpreting

...ASLD 603 Interpreting: Mediated Interactions in Communications ASLD 607 Ethics and Professionalization for Interpreters ASLD...