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ASLD 609. Practicum in American Sign Language Interpreting. 1-6 Hours.

This practicum requires 250 hours of field experience which may include observation, shadowing, teaming, professional responsibilities, duties, and/or activities (e.g., scheduling, preparation, invoicing, meetings, and in-service training) in authentic settings where interpreters are employed. A minimum of 90 hours will be direct provision of interpreting under the supervision of a certified interpreter. Discussion and analysis will occur with instructor and peers on-line and in –person throughout the semester. Students will consult with their advisor prior to enrolling in the course. Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 credit hours to complete the ASLD 609 requirements. This 250 hour practicum may be completed in one semester by enrolling in 3 credit hours, or can be completed over multiple semesters. This course is offered at the 600 and 800 level with additional assignments at the 800 Level. Not open to students with credit in ASLD 809. Prerequisite: ASLD 603 or ASLD 803, ASLD 604 or ASLD 804, ASLD 605 or ASLD 805, ASLD 608 or ASLD 808 with a minimum grade of a B, and completion of an interpreting proficiency exam or instructor approval. FLD.

Undergraduate Certificate in ASL/English Interpreting

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