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ASLD 631. Advanced American Sign Language Literature. 3 Hours.

This course analyzes and compares the various genres of American Sign Language literature. ASL poetry, narrative, humor, as well as written work by Deaf individuals and other language devices will be examined and discussed. Students will create and evaluate original work illustrating the similarities and uniqueness of ASL. Students will become familiar with well-known contributors such as: Clayton Valli, Patrick Graybill, Ella Mae Lentz, and the like. Research articles pertaining to ASL or Deaf Literature will be critiqued and discussed. This course is offered at the 600 and 800 level with additional assignments at the 800 Level. Not open to students with credit in ASLD 831. Prerequisite: ASLD 530 or ASLD 730. LEC.

Undergraduate Certificate in Advanced American Sign Language

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