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ATMO 605 Operational Forecasting

ATMO 605.  Operational Forecasting.  2 Credits.   N   

Students enhance their forecasting expertise by preparing forecasts for presentation to the public through a variety of media. Classroom activities include weekly map discussions and analysis of current weather situations. Forecasting topics such as forecast verification, aviation forecast products, severe weather, flash floods and watches and warnings are examined. Credit for ATMO 605, ATMO 606, and ATMO 607 is limited to a total of eight hours, six of which may be counted toward a degree in atmospheric science. Prerequisite: ATMO 505 and ATMO 640.

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science

The Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science (B.S.) is designed to meet the recommendations of the American Meteorological Society for a bachelor’s degree in meteorology/atmospheric science.  There are four options, each of which meet these recommendations. 1. General Option This option is for students who want a broad background in atmospheric science.  It is also the most suitable option for those who are aiming at a career in weather forecasting.  It includes a third semester of synoptic meteorology as well as an air pollution course. 2. Air Pollution Option Students prepare for a career emphasizing environmental aspects of meteorology.  This option includes an additional semester of chemistry as well as environmental studies. 3. Hydrometeorology Option Students prepare for a career involving the interface between meteorology and hydrology.  These studies have important applications to flash floods, droughts and water supply.   This option includes additional courses on fluid flow and hydrology from the School of Engineering. 4. News Media Option This option is for students who wish to enter careers whose main function is to provide information to the general public.  It requires additional courses from the School of Journalism.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

...Science ATMO 630 Synoptic Meteorology 3 ATMO 640...6 MATH 526 & MATH 605 Applied Mathematical Statistics...