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BCRS 504. Advanced Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian I. 3 Hours H/W / FP.

A practical Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian course involving the advanced study of the grammar, reading of texts on a variety of subjects, conversation and composition. Taught in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. Designed for students who have had two or more years of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language. Prerequisite: BCRS 208, or equivalent. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Slavic Languages and Literatures

If you have turned on a TV set or logged on Twitter lately, you probably have seen a news item on Russia or Ukraine, not to mention countries like Turkey and Iran. From Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, to Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian (BCMS), to Czech, Turkish, Persian/Tajik/Dar/Farsi, to Yiddish, our department offers only critical languages. In fact, the US government classifies these languages as critical for national security interests, and there are a number of federal scholarships that you can apply for to study them. 

Minor in Slavic Languages and Literatures

Because Russia and the Slavs link the West and the East; studying their languages and cultures gives you a different perspective on the world we live in and allows you to pursue professional opportunities that are both in demand and off the beaten path. Slavs are the largest demographic group in Europe and studying a Slavic language is an excellent way for students to equip themselves with the means to engage with the global community.