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BIOL 405. Laboratory in Genetics. 3 Hours U / LFE.

A laboratory course that provides hands-on experience with classical genetics and modern molecular genetics. Experiments involve Mendelian genetics (dominance/recessivity, complementation, segregation, independent assortment) in eukaryotic organisms; recombinant DNA; basic bacterial genetics; polymerase chain reaction; DNA sequencing; computational genetics; and genome editing. Prerequisite: Concurrent or prior enrollment in BIOL 350. LAB.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology

This interdisciplinary major permits students to understand humans from a variety of academic viewpoints: anthropology, applied behavioral science, biology, psychology, and speech-language-hearing. Each human biology concentration offers major-level courses in topical categories that allow students to focus on areas that interest them most while retaining the interdisciplinary manner of the major. The broad nature of this major can prepare students for a variety of post-undergraduate opportunities.

Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biosciences

A bachelor’s degree in molecular biosciences offers students a strong background in genetics, microbiology, cell biology and biochemistry, as well as hands-on lab experience. Many students in this program continue on to pursue medical, dental or pharmacy school, or graduate work in the health sciences with high success rates.