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BIOL 414 Principles of Ecology

BIOL 414.  Principles of Ecology.  3 Credits.   N   

Study of the principles underlying species population density changes, community structure and dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, and energy flow and nutrient cycling in ecosystems. (Same as EVRN 414.) Prerequisite: BIOL 152 or BIOL 153, or consent of the instructor.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology

This interdisciplinary major permits students to understand humans from a variety of academic viewpoints: anthropology, applied behavioral science, biology, psychology, and speech-language-hearing. Each human biology concentration offers major-level courses in topical categories that allow students to focus on areas that interest them most while retaining the interdisciplinary manner of the major. The broad nature of this major can prepare students for a variety of post-undergraduate opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Biology is the study of living systems and is the broadest biological sciences major available at KU. The B.A. Biology degree provides students with much flexibility in their major course choices and can include ecology, microbiology, organismal physiology, and biochemistry.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Bachelor of Science in Geography

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Bachelor of Arts in Geology

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