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BIOL 420. Seminar: _____. 1-3 Hours N.

The preparation and presentation of oral reports on selected topics from the recent research literature. Students may choose one interest group each semester, but may enroll in a given interest group only once. Enrollment in each interest group limited to twenty students. Prerequisite: Course work varying with the topic of the seminar, or consent of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biosciences

A bachelor’s degree in molecular biosciences offers students a strong background in genetics, microbiology, cell biology and biochemistry, as well as hands-on lab experience. Many students in this program continue on to pursue medical, dental or pharmacy school, or graduate work in the health sciences with high success rates.

Bachelor of Science in Education

...130 Comparative Societies BIOL 100 & BIOL 102 Principles...elective 3 C&T 420 Teaching Kansas Government...

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

...Biology BIOL 350 Principles of Genetics 4 BIOL...Corporate Finance 3 FIN 420 International Finance 3...

Music Education B.M.E. Program

...Mathematics BIOL 100 Principles of Biology 3 BIOL...Music Curriculum 1 MEMT 420 Teaching Elementary and...