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BIOL 451 Ecosystems Stewardship

BIOL 451.  Ecosystems Stewardship.  3 Credits.     

This course sits at the crossroads between the discipline of ecology and the practice of stewardship, specifically the Indigenous Knowledge that is born from these landscapes over millennia in a place. Students will interact with research that establishes scientific foundations as a method to engage environmental problems in the anthropocene. The concept of stewardship is a core tenet of this course, students will engage with many approaches of stewardship, centering primarily on humans as a part of, not apart from, the environment. This course is offered at the 400 and 700 level with additional assignments at the 700 level. Not open to students with credit in EVRN 451 or EVRN 751, GEOG 451 or GEOG 759, BIOL 451 or BIOL 759. (Same as EVRN 451 and GEOG 451.)

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