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BIOL 536 Cell Structure and Function (Honors)

BIOL 536.  Cell Structure and Function (Honors).  3 Credits.   N   

BIOL 536 is the honors version of BIOL 416. Completion of this class will satisfy the BIOL 416 requirement. Open to students in the Honors program or by permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit in BSCI 416. Prerequisite: BIOL 350 or BIOL 360 or consent of instructor.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology

This interdisciplinary major permits students to understand humans from a variety of academic viewpoints: anthropology, applied behavioral science, biology, psychology, and speech-language-hearing. Each human biology concentration offers major-level courses in topical categories that allow students to focus on areas that interest them most while retaining the interdisciplinary manner of the major. The broad nature of this major can prepare students for a variety of post-undergraduate opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Biology is the study of living systems and is the broadest biological sciences major available at KU. The B.A. Biology degree provides students with much flexibility in their major course choices and can include ecology, microbiology, organismal physiology, and biochemistry.

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Microbiology is the study of bacteria, viruses, the immune system, and their roles in human health, the environment and beyond. Job prospects for microbiologists with a bachelor's or higher degree continue to be strong. Upper-division courses in immunology, bacterial infectious diseases, virology, and microbial genetics couple laboratory courses with lecture courses to provide students with hands-on practical experience. The B.S. Microbiology major includes all four of the upper-division lecture and laboratory course pairs.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

...following: BIOL 400 Fundamentals of Microbiology BIOL 412...of the following: PHSX 536 Electronic Circuit Measurement...

Bachelor of Science in Geology

...Biology. Satisfied by BIOL: BIOL 152 Principles of...and Subsurface Geology GEOL 536 Geological Log Analysis...

Bachelor of Arts in Geology

...Biology. Satisfied by: BIOL 100 & BIOL 102 Principles...Petrology Laboratory 1 GEOL 536 Geological Log Analysis...