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BIOL 999 Doctoral Dissertation

BIOL 999.  Doctoral Dissertation.  1-12 Credits.     

Original research that is to be incorporated into a Ph.D. dissertation. Graded on a satisfactory progress/limited progress/no progress basis.

Doctor of Philosophy in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

The department comprises a large number of biologists with a variety of research interests. 3 broad overlapping themes capture the interests and activities in EEB — biodiversity and macroevolution, ecology and global change biology, and evolutionary mechanisms. The department offers graduate study leading to Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in ecology and evolutionary biology. General information about the department and its faculty, current graduate students, admission, and financial support may be found on the EEB website .

Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Ph.D. is required for careers in independent research in biochemistry and molecular biology. The Ph.D. most often is followed by one or more years of postdoctoral training in a specific area of research. Ph.D. degree holders in biochemistry and molecular biology may find positions in industry or government and, with some postdoctoral experience, may obtain faculty positions at the college or university level.

Doctor of Philosophy in Neurosciences

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Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology and Toxicology

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