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BSAN 302 Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis

BSAN 302.  Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis.  3 Credits.     

This course will cover quantitative methods and techniques of data analysis that are useful in solving common problems that arise in all the functional areas of business. Upon completion of this course, given a business problem, students will be expected to know how to formulate a mathematical model which is appropriate to the problem, to fit the model to available data, and to interpret the model results to derive actionable insights. Examples of quantitative methods and data analysis that may be taught include: multiple regression, analysis of variance, statistical process control, linear programming, non-linear optimization and decision making under uncertainty. Prerequisite: MATH 115 or MATH 121 or MATH 125 or MATH 141 or MATH 145 and DSCI 202 or BSAN 202.

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science

...Statistics I 3 or BSAN 202 Statistics Numerical...Management. Satisfied by: JOUR 302 Information Exploration 3...