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BSCI 400 Microbiology

BSCI 400.  Microbiology.  3 Credits.   N   

The course focuses on the structure and function of prokaryotic cells and viruses, cultivation, growth and death of bacteria, microbial metabolism, basic immunology, microbial ecology, and the diversity and classification of organisms that the field encompasses. Not open to students with credit in BIOL 400 or BIOL 401. Prerequisite: BIOL 150 or BIOL 151 with a grade of C- or higher and two semesters of college chemistry with a grade of C- or higher, or consent of the instructor.

Bachelor of Health Sciences

...BIOL 400 Fundamentals of Microbiology 3 or BIOL 200 Basic Microbiology or BSCI 400 Microbiology...