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BSCI 416 Cell Structure and Function

BSCI 416.  Cell Structure and Function.  3 Credits.   N   

The course focuses on molecular cell biology with emphasis on experimental approaches to understanding cell function; topics include biological membranes and transmembrane transport, vesicular trafficking (secretion and endocytosis), cell signaling, cell motility and the cytoskeleton, and the regulation of the cell division cycle. Not open to students with credit in BIOL 416. Prerequisite: BIOL 150 or BIOL 151; BSCI 350 or BIOL 350 or BIOL 360; CHEM 130, or CHEM 170, or CHEM 190 and CHEM 191; and CHEM 135, or CHEM 175, or CHEM 195 and CHEM 196; or consent of the instructor.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Biological Sciences

...spring and summer semesters. 6 BSCI 416 , BSCI 430 , and BSCI 599 are offered on...