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BSCI 599 Senior Seminar: _____

BSCI 599.  Senior Seminar: _____.  1 Credits.   N   

A synthesis and discussion of current trends in the biological sciences as it relates to student interests and career paths. Emphasis is placed on providing seniors with an appreciation of the discipline's state-of-the-art and on developing skills for success in the next stage of a career in the biological sciences by using peer-reviewed research papers to work on communication and presentation of scientific topics to different audiences. Prerequisite: Must be taken in the final year of a degree and students must have completed most of the course work required for one of the degrees in the biological sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Biological Sciences

...and summer semesters. 6 BSCI 416 , BSCI 430 , and BSCI 599 are offered on the...

Bachelor of Health Sciences

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