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BTEC 300 Research Methods in Biotechnology

BTEC 300.  Research Methods in Biotechnology.  3 Credits.   N   

An integrated lecture and laboratory course exploring the science and basic laboratory skills used in food science, agricultural science, pharmaceutical science, clinical medicine, animal health, and environmental science. Survey of career opportunities in biotechnology. Guest lectures from field-experts in biotechnology. Prerequisite: BIOL 152; concurrent or prior enrollment in CHEM 330; or consent of instructor.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Biological Sciences

...BSCI courses numbered 400 or higher or BTEC 300 , 310 , 400 , 475 , 494 , or 550...

Bachelor of Health Sciences

...of Human Physiology 3 BTEC 310 Scientific Communications...Public Health 3 HMGT 300 Introduction to Healthcare...