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BTEC 305 Molecular and Microbiological Techniques

BTEC 305.  Molecular and Microbiological Techniques.  4 Credits.   N   

An integrated lecture and laboratory course exploring the science and tools used in microbiology-based fields. A strong focus is placed on developing functional scientific skills required to run an R&D or Production Lab. Students will survey the diversity of microbial life while becoming proficient in the tools that are used extensively in the laboratory. We emphasize hands-on experience with lab techniques applicable to addressing a variety of scientific problems. Specifically, this course will challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills to construct and express recombinant proteins in mammalian cells, purify, and quantitate their products. Prerequisite: Concurrent or prior enrollment in BIOL 350 and BTEC 300; or consent of instructor.

Bachelor of Health Sciences

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