C&PE 523. Mass Transfer. 4 Hours.

Includes one credit hour of calculations laboratory. Treatment of mass transfer phenomena with application to analysis and design of unit operations equipment such as distillation, extraction, absorption, and adsorption. Prerequisite: CPE 211; CPE 511; and CPE 512; or consent of instructor. Corequisite: CPE 521. The Department has a GPA requirement for progression in the program. Details can be found in the catalog. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


...C&PE 511 Momentum Transfer 3 C&PE 521 Heat Transfer 3 C&PE 523...

Bachelor of Science in Geology


...Computing: _____ 3 C&PE 325 Numerical Methods...by: GEOL 521 & GEOL 523 Paleontology and Paleontology...