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C&PE 656 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

C&PE 656.  Introduction to Biomedical Engineering.  3 Credits.     

An interdisciplinary introduction to the field of biomedical engineering. This course covers a breadth of topics including biotransport, biomechanics, biomaterials, tissue engineering, drug delivery, biomedical imaging, computational biology, and biotechnology. Students are exposed to these broad topics, and go further in depth in a topic of their choice with the semester project. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior-level standing in Engineering or consent of instructor.

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering has grown out of a combination of chemistry and engineering associated with industrial processes. Today, it possesses a body of knowledge used in the synthesis, design testing, scale-up, operation, control, and optimization of processes that change the physical state or composition of materials. Chemical engineers have played central roles in the industrial development of materials that have had major social influence, such as the production of fuels and lubricants, fertilizer, synthetic fibers, and plastics. They will be centrally involved in reducing the polluting effects of certain byproducts and cleaning up unwanted residues from previous processes.