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C&PE 771. Advanced Reservoir Engineering. 3 Hours.

Physical principles of petroleum production; gas drive performance; partial water drive performance; pressure maintenance through gas and water injection. Prerequisite: CPE 527. LEC.

Master of Science in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Chemical engineering has grown out of a combination of chemistry and engineering associated with industrial processes. Today, it comprises knowledge used in processes that change the physical state or composition of materials. Chemical engineers hold key roles in the design, development, production, and purification of materials considered essential to human life and well-being, such as food products, fuels and lubricants, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, synthetic fibers, microelectronic components, and plastics. Chemical engineers are involved in reducing the use of energy to make products in a safe and sustainable way and minimizing environmental impacts. Areas of study in the Chemical Engineering Department include (but are not limited to):

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

...Mechanics 3 or C&PE 511 Momentum Transfer...Determination), and/or AE 771 (Rocket Propulsion) to...

Bachelor of Science in Geology

...Computing: _____ 3 C&PE 325 Numerical Methods...Environmental Chemistry 3 CE 771 Environmental Engineering Laboratory...