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C&T 366 Classroom Interactions in Mathematics and Science

CT 366.  Classroom Interactions in Mathematics and Science.  3 Credits.     

To make prospective teachers aware of multiple models of teaching (including direct instruction, inquiry teaching and use of small groups); the advantages, disadvantages and uses of each; and what each model requires of teachers. To allow prospective teachers to explore ways of probing student understanding through authentic assessment, evaluating student understanding through student artifacts, and enhancing student understanding through lesson plans built around models of how people learn. To make prospective teachers aware of equity and diversity issues in classroom teaching and ways of ensuring that all students have an opportunity to learn. To make students aware of the proficiencies for licensure recognized by UKanTeach and Kansas State Board of Education and facilitate students' demonstration and documentation of these through their development of a professional portfolio. To develop students' capacity to identify and evaluate best teaching practices as presented in research literature. Prerequisite: C&T 360.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

...Instruction C&T 360 Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science 3 C&T 366...