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C&T 448 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum

CT 448.  Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum.  3 Credits.     

Content area teachers do far more than impart information to students. They play an important role in guiding middle/secondary students as they use reading and writing as tools for learning. This course includes an overview of the state and national reading and writing scores of adolescents. Students will then be introduced to the basic processes or ways in which individuals may learn to read and write. The course continues with a focus on the instructional strategies and materials that promote the development of reading and writing in the context of teaching new information. Additionally, the course emphasizes the informal methods educators can use, on an on-going basis, to diagnose their students ability to comprehend content material. Finally, appropriate fix-up strategies will be modeled. Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program.

Bachelor of Science in Education

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Bachelor of Science in Geology

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

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