C&T 542. Advanced Practices in Teaching Science in the Middle and Secondary Schools. 3 Hours.

This course is designed as a final readiness for the semester-long student teaching experience and the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio to be completed during that student teaching experience. The course deals with the analysis, adaptation, and application of varied instructional designs to implement curricula in specific science areas in grades 5-12. Prerequisite: Admission to the middle-level licensure program in science education at the undergraduate level or one of the graduate licensure programs in middle/secondary science. Successful completion of CT 537. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Education


...T 537 Curriculum and Instruction in Middle and Secondary Science Classrooms 3 C&T 542...

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics


...or C&PE 521 & C...requirements won't guarantee admission...3 EECS 542 Computer Systems...

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


...of C or better (C...requirements won't guarantee admission...3 EECS 542 Computer Systems...