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CBIO 870. Analysis of Scientific Papers. 1 Hour.

Research articles are analyzed by the student with the guidance of an instructor in terms of quality of scientific content and mechanics of the presentation. One or more articles are discussed in each tutorial session. The research topics and the instructor are chosen in accordance with the research interest of the student. SEM.

Doctor of Philosophy of Cancer Biology

The Ph.D. program in Cancer Biology (CBIO) prepares the student for a career in independent research and/or teaching. The Ph.D. is typically followed by postdoctoral training in a specific field of study. Graduates of this program will be prepared for positions in industry, government, and consulting, as well as faculty positions at the college, university, and medical/graduate school level. Students mentored by CBIO faculty currently hold positions in academia, biotechnology, pharmacology, government, and scientific writing.

Master of Science in Cancer Biology

...2 CBIO 850 Cancer Center Seminar 1 CBIO 860 Communicating Cancer Science 1 CBIO 870...