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CHEM 817 Rigor, Reproducibility and Responsible Conduct in Research

CHEM 817.  Rigor, Reproducibility and Responsible Conduct in Research.  3 Credits.     

This class addresses the recognized problems in rigor, reproducibility, and transparency that are plaguing modern science. Students will learn the fundamentals of hypothesis design, avoiding bias, randomization, sampling, and appropriate statistical analyses, reagent validation, among other key topics. This course also introduces principles for being an ethical, responsible, and professional research scientist. Topics include: plagiarism, fabrication and falsification of data, record keeping and data sharing, mentor/mentee and collaborative relationships, among others. The class will include a mixture of lecture, case studies and discussion. (Same as BIOL 817/MDCM 817/PHCH 817.) Prerequisite: Graduate student.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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