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CHIN 204. Intermediate Chinese I. 5 Hours U / F3.

Continuation of CHIN 108. Three hours of lecture and three hours of spoken drill. Prerequisite: CHIN 108 or equivalent. LEC.

Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Why study East Asian languages and cultures? The areas of East Asia covered - China, Japan, and Korea - represent three of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world. Japan and mainland China are the world's largest economies after the United States.  South Korea and Taiwan are key U.S. trading partners.  The economic and political relationships between the U.S. and East Asia will be among the most important for the U.S. in the 21st century.  In-depth knowledge of East Asia is critical in the new global culture and marketplace. Eastern Civilizations Courses The Eastern Civilizations courses promote a broad understanding of the civilizations of China, Japan, and to a limited extent, Korea. ECIV 104 , ECIV 304 , and ECIV 305 (Honors). Eastern Civilizations consist of readings from the major works of East Asian thought, religion, and literature. Those who are considering a major or minor in EALC are encouraged to enroll in ECIV 304 or ECIV 305 (Honors), rather than ECIV 104 .

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Languages and Cultures CHIN 108 Elementary Chinese II 5 Language Proficiency. Satisfied by: CHIN 204 & CHIN 208...

Bachelor of Science in Education

...Hours CHIN 104 Elementary Chinese I 5 CHIN 108 Elementary Chinese II 5 CHIN 204...

Minor in East Asian Languages and Cultures

...10 CHIN 204 & CHIN 208 Intermediate Chinese I and Intermediate Chinese II JPN 204 & JPN...