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CHUR 622 Bales Chorale

CHUR 622.  Bales Chorale.  0-1 Credits.     

A choral ensemble directed by student conductors in the Division of Organ and Church Music under the supervision of faculty. May be repeated for credit.

Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Performance: Organ and Church Music

Doctor of Musical Arts The Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) degree is a professional degree program that recognizes exceptional student academic and music qualifications in preparation for professional careers, including teaching at the university level. The DMA student has the opportunity to collaborate with music scholars, theorists, and other performers to attain a broad and well-rounded foundation for advanced careers in music.The degree of Doctor of Musical Arts is offered in Church music (organ or choral conducting emphasis), Composition, Conducting (choral, orchestral, or wind), and Areas of performance.

Master of Music in Music Performance: Organ, Church Music, and Carillon

...3 CHUR 807 Service Playing and Improvisation II 3 Advanced conducting 6 CHUR 622 Bales...