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CLSX 402 War and Society in Greece and Rome

CLSX 402.  War and Society in Greece and Rome.  3 Credits.   H/W   

This course explores the military history of the ancient world, with a focus on the connections between warfare and political, social, and cultural developments. Through extensive reading, analysis, and discussion of a wide variety of ancient sources (literary, epigraphic, archaeological) and contemporary scholarship, this class will survey both the major developments in warfare in Greece and Rome, while at the same time investigating the relationship of military institutions, technologies, tactics, and strategies to the key political and economic changes, social structures, and value systems of antiquity. Beyond exploring famous and influential campaigns and battles (Persian Wars; Peloponnesian War; rise of Macedonia; Punic Wars; Roman civil wars; barbarian invasions), topics will include: hoplite warfare and the emergence of Sparta and Athens; sea-power, democracy, and imperialism; citizen militia and professionalization in Rome; trauma, triumph, and memorialization; gender roles and ethnic identity. (Same as HIST 402.)

Bachelor of Science in Education

...Grades 1 C&T 402 Professional Learning Seminar...LAT 305 Roman Drama CLSX 148 Greek and...