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CLSX 480 Classical Museum in Context

CLSX 480.  Classical Museum in Context.  3 Credits.   H   

This seminar is about the Wilcox Classical Museum, KU's first and oldest museum collection, founded in 1888. It introduces collecting and curation practices of universities during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, explores the culture of the reception of classical antiquity in KU's early history from the period of 1880-1910, and provides hands-on experience with objects in the Wilcox Collection. Emphasized topics include: the diversity of approaches in the study and interpretation of ancient artifacts, the controversial history of the usage of plaster casts of Greek and Roman sculptures in museum displays, and the future of the Wilcox Classical Museum. Students learn visual literacy skills, conduct original research on objects in the museum's collection, and become familiar with digital methods in the documentation, cataloguing, and display of museum objects. Prepares students for upper-level classes and graduate work in Greek and Roman Archaeology, Art History, and Museum Studies.

Bachelor of Science in Education

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