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CLSX 526 Greek Archaeology and Art

CLSX 526.  Greek Archaeology and Art.  3 Credits.   H/W   

An interdisciplinary survey of the material culture of the ancient Greek world from the Protogeometric period to the end of the Hellenistic age (ca. 1100 - 30 B.C.E.), with emphasis on the major sites, monuments, and changing forms of social and artistic expression (e.g., architecture, sculpture, vase painting). Includes lectures with slides and discussion; use of the Wilcox Museum of Classical Antiquities. For advanced undergraduates with backgrounds in the humanities and for graduate students (especially in Classics and History of Art). This course is offered at the 300 and 500 level with additional assignments at the 500 level. Not open to students with credit in CLSX 326 or HA 326. No knowledge of Greek or Latin is required. (Same as HA 526.)