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CLSX 527 Roman Archaeology and Art

CLSX 527.  Roman Archaeology and Art.  3 Credits.   H/W   

An interdisciplinary survey of the material culture of ancient Rome from its origins to the late empire (8th c.B.C.E. - 4th c.C.E.). Emphasis on major sites, monuments, and changing forms of social and artistic expression, as well as on Etruscan and Greek influence on Rome and Rome's influence on its provinces. Includes lectures with slides and discussion; use of the Wilcox Museum of Classical Antiquities. For advanced undergraduates with backgrounds in the humanities; and for graduate students (especially in Classics and History of Art). This course is offered at the 300 and 500 level with additional assignments at the 500 level. Not open to students with credit in CLSX 327 or HA 327. No knowledge of Greek or Latin is required. (Same as HA 537.)

CLSX 508 Late Roman Empire (284-527)

CLSX 508.  Late Roman Empire (284-527).  3 Credits.   H   

This course investigates the history of the later Roman Empire, from the height of its power in the second century AD to the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century AD. The course is organized around current methods, problems, and debates in the fields of Roman history and Classics. Topics include continuity and change in Roman culture, identity, and institutions; the Christianization of the empire; contact and conflict between Romans and the "barbarians"; political decline and daily life across the empire. These topics will be studied through extensive analysis and discussion of literary, documentary, and archaeological sources, and close engagement with perspectives from works of contemporary scholarship. No knowledge of the ancient languages is required. (Same as HIST 508.) Prerequisite: Any CLSX or HIST course.