COMS 607. Political Campaigns. 3 Hours H.

This course will examine the communication involved in political campaigns. Students will be exposed to theories and ideas related to campaigns and will apply this knowledge to current political activity. Although the primary focus of the course is politics, students interested in public relations and strategic communication also benefit from learning and practicing media relations strategies. The mediated nature of modern political communication, as well as the communication strategies of campaigns and journalists, will be examined in a semester-long simulated campaign. By the end of the semester, students will become more informed users and consumers of political campaign messages. (Same as POLS 520.) Prerequisite: COMS 130 or COMS 150. LEC.

Doctor of Pharmacy

...2 COMS 130 (approved alternatives include COMS 131...PHPR 602 4 PHPR 607 4 PHPR 603...