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COMS 856. Communication Research: Quantitative Analysis. 3 Hours.

An intermediate overview of statistical techniques commonly used in communication research. Content will include a review of univariate statistical tests such as t-test, correlation, chi-square, and other nonparametric techniques of data analysis. Additionally, factorial analysis of variance, multiple regression, and factor analysis will be covered, along with the application of appropriate statistical techniques. Prerequisite: COMS 850 and an introductory course in statistics. LEC.

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Studies

The Communication Studies program offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at the Lawrence Campus. The program in Communication Studies at the University of Kansas is research intensive and primarily designed to train students for careers doing research and teaching in the field of human communication at institutions of higher education. More specifically, our graduate program expects students to focus on one of the department’s two primary areas of research, with a narrower focus on one or two of the subareas: