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DANC 350. Choreography III. 3 Hours H.

The advanced course in a series of four composition courses (DANC 150, DANC 250, DANC 350 and DANC 550.) Includes in-depth development of improvisation: movement studies for solo figure, movement themes for duet, trio, and larger groups; and dances for non-traditional performing spaces both indoors and outdoors. Students will develop increasingly complex studies of dance (space, time, weight, and energy flow) including compositional forms such as ABA, verse/refrain, or narrative. Prerequisite: DANC 250 or consent of instructor. LAB.

Bachelor of Arts in Dance

A BA in dance offers comprehensive technical training built on a solid liberal arts foundation, allowing students to double-major or pursue graduate study in a wide number of fields. The BA does NOT require an audition for entry. Instead, students must complete an evaluation at the end of their sophomore year to complete the degree program.

Bachelor of Arts in French, Francophone and Italian Studies, the visual arts, dance and architecture. Thousands...Culture, and Film FREN 350 Applied French Grammar...