DSCI 202. Statistics. 3 Hours.

An introduction to statistical inference techniques with emphasis on the application of these techniques to decision making in a firm. Topics include probability theory, random variables, probability distribution functions, estimation, test of hypothesis, regression, correlation, and introduction to statistical process control. Not open to students with credit in DSCI 301. Prerequisite: MATH 115, MATH 121, MATH 125, MATH 141 or MATH 145. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Business


...including ACCT 200 , ACCT 201 , IST 202 , DSCI 202 , ECON 142 , and ECON 144 (or...

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science


...526 Applied Mathematical Statistics I 3 or DSCI 202 Statistics Numerical Methods. Satisfied by the...

Doctor of Pharmacy


...approved alternatives include BIOL 570, PSYC 210, DSCI 202) 3 General studies 1 3 PHSX...

Bachelor of Science in Economics


...526 Applied Mathematical Statistics I 3 or DSCI 202 Statistics Economics General Education Requirements In...