EALC 315. Survey of Japanese Film. 3 Hours NW AE42 / H.

This course surveys the major developments in and critical approaches to twentieth-century Japanese film. Focusing mostly on narrative films, the course introduces students to basic methodological issues in Japanese film history, especially questions of narrative, genre, stardom, and authorship. We examine Japanese cinema as an institution located within specific contexts focusing on the ways in which this institution shapes gender, race, class, ethnic and national identities. This course examines how patterns of distribution, exhibition, and reception have influenced film aesthetics and film style over the last century. Through secondary readings, lectures, and discussions students critically examine how Japanese cinema as an institution both responds to and intervenes in the social, cultural, and political history of twentieth century Japan. The course is offered at the 300 and 700 levels, with additional assignments at the 700 level. (Same as FMS 315.) LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Languages and Cultures


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Bachelor of Science in Education


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