EALC 325. Minorities in Japan. 3 Hours S.

This course offers a sociological and historical exploration of Japan's minorities: the Ainu, Okinawans, Burakumin, and Zainichi Koreans who are often excluded from narratives of Japanese history. Exclusion of the minority issue not only overlooks the existence of minority populations in Japan but also contributes to misconceptions of Japan as a homogeneous country. The course objective is to challenge the conventional master narrative of racial and cultural homogeneity. We shed light on Japan's minorities, their historical experiences, current struggles, and future challenges. This course is taught at the 300 and 600-levels with additional assignments required at the 600-level. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Languages and Cultures


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Bachelor of Science in Education


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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in American Studies


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Minor in Linguistics


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