EALC 420. Daily Life in China From the Opium War to 1911. 3 Hours NW AE42 / H/W.

This course examines everyday life in China from the mid-19th century to the end of the last dynasty in 1911. The focus is on living conditions, social customs, and gender relations of people of all social levels, from emperors and empresses to servants, prostitutes, and concubines. Other topics include: the culture of drugs in the form of opium smoking, including how opium served as a key point of contact between China and the Euro-west; sexual culture, especially in the form of the history of prostitution and gender roles and values in China on the verge of modernity; interactions in daily life between Chinese and Westerners in China; and the experience of China's last imperial rulers. These topics are weighed against the backdrop of the decline of China's last dynasty and the concurrent impact of modernity in the form of social, political and technological change, especially as effected by the intrusion of the Euro-west. Not open to students with credit in EALC 620. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Languages and Cultures


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Bachelor of Science in Education


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