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ECON 641 Labor Economics - Capstone

ECON 641.  Labor Economics - Capstone.  3 Credits.   SI S   

This course covers the analysis of labor markets and differences in wage rates and incomes. The course covers various topics, such as returns to education and training, labor unions, unemployment, anti-poverty programs, and other government policies influencing the labor market. This course represents the capstone version of Labor Economics (ECON 640) by exploring a package of economic studies in the primary literature. Not open to students with credit in ECON 640. Prerequisite: ECON 520; ECON 526; MATH 115 or MATH 125; ECON 426 or MATH 526.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

...elective ( ECON 104 , ECON 105 , ECON 142 , ECON...Taken first semester) ME 641 Design Project Option...

Bachelor of Social Work

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