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ECON 715 Elementary Econometrics

ECON 715.  Elementary Econometrics.  3 Credits.     

An elementary analysis of the problems of estimation, prediction, and hypothesis testing in the context of general linear, stochastic difference equation and simultaneous equations models. Applications of econometric theory to practical economic problems will be emphasized. Prerequisite: ECON 526 or MATH 526; MATH 116 or MATH 126.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Economics

Why study economics? Economics offers the tools you need to understand our increasingly interconnected world. With these tools, you can exploit "Big Data" to explore human behavior in numerous economic settings such as labor supply, consumption patterns, health care choices and energy use.  You can also examine the overall economy by assessing the links among aggregate output, interest rates, inflation, unemployment levels and international exchange rates.

Master of Arts in Economics

Economists gather and analyze data, evaluate and report on statistical trends, and make recommendations based on collected insights. In our program, you will develop these analytical skills and gain experience using statistical analysis software. An Economics M.A. degree is an ideal foundation for jobs in data science, analytics, government, and policy. Financial Aid Visit the Graduate Studies website for information about funding opportunities for graduate students at KU. Financial Aid and Scholarships administers grants, loans, and need-based financial aid. Facilities and Services In addition to KU computing and library facilities, students in the M.A. and Ph.D. programs may use the department’s computer laboratory, which provides access to a variety of databases and econometric software packages useful for economics research.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business

...or ECON 790 Game Theory and Applications MATH 790 Linear Algebra II 3 ECON 715...

Accelerated Masters of Arts in Economics (BA or BS/MA)

...ECON 715 . BA Degree Requirements Of the requirements listed above, ECON 700 , ECON 701 , ECON...

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

...3 ECON 700 Survey of Microeconomics 3 ECON 701 Survey of Macroeconomics 3 ECON 715...

Accelerated Masters of Arts in Economics (Minor/MA)

...semester of Senior year or prior to ECON 715 . Graduate Degree Requirements Coursework Upon completion...

M.A.-J.D. Degree Program

...and calculus. In addition, ECON 700 , ECON 701 , and ECON 715 must be included in...