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ECON 801 Microeconomics I

ECON 801.  Microeconomics I.  3 Credits.     

An advanced course in price and distribution theory. Prerequisite: ECON 800 or consent of instructor.

Master of Arts in Economics

Economists gather and analyze data, evaluate and report on statistical trends, and make recommendations based on collected insights. In our program, you will develop these analytical skills and gain experience using statistical analysis software. An Economics M.A. degree is an ideal foundation for jobs in data science, analytics, government, and policy. Financial Aid Visit the Graduate Studies website for information about funding opportunities for graduate students at KU. Financial Aid and Scholarships administers grants, loans, and need-based financial aid. Facilities and Services In addition to KU computing and library facilities, students in the M.A. and Ph.D. programs may use the department’s computer laboratory, which provides access to a variety of databases and econometric software packages useful for economics research.

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

The Ph.D. program in economics provides a solid foundation in modern economic analysis, develops expertise in two fields in economics, provides milestones and incentives for dissertation research, and supports graduate student professional development and placement. The department has a long-standing tradition of producing Ph.D. economists with strong foundational skills and expertise. Please visit the department website for additional information.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business

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