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ECON 870 Applied Microeconomics

ECON 870.  Applied Microeconomics.  3 Credits.     

This course introduces students to the data and empirical methods used in the fields of applied economics such as labor economics, public finance, and industrial organization. The course will focus on how to adjust for self-selection and identify causal relationships in applied microeconomic fields. Topics covered include economic data and statistical programming, instrumental variables, difference-in-differences, regression discontinuity, count data, sample selection, treatment effects, and duration models. Attention will be given to the suitability of the methods to the research question under consideration. Each topic will emphasize the proper application of the methods using the standard textbook treatment as well as assigned papers that examine the basic economic issues, the econometric techniques, and the applications to data. Prerequisite: ECON 817 and ECON 818, or consent of instructor. ECON 915 is recommended.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business

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