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EECS 169 Programming I: Honors

EECS 169.  Programming I: Honors.  4 Credits.     

Problem solving using a high level programming language and object oriented software design. Fundamental stages of software development are discussed: problem specification, program design, implementation, testing, and documentation. Introduction to programming using an object oriented language: using classes, defining classes, extending classes. Introduction to algorithms and data structures useful for problem solving: arrays, lists, files, searching, and sorting. Students will be responsible for designing, implementing, testing, and documenting independent programming projects. Professional ethics are defined and discussed in particular with respect to computer rights and responsibilities. This course is intended for highly motivated students and includes honors-level assignments. Grade of C (not C-) required to progress. Prerequisite: Corequisite: MATH 104, plus either acceptance into the KU Honors Program or consent of instructor.

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