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EECS 730 Introduction to Bioinformatics

EECS 730.  Introduction to Bioinformatics.  3 Credits.     

This course provides an introduction to bioinformatics. It covers computational tools and databases widely used in bioinformatics. The underlying algorithms of existing tools will be discussed. Topics include: molecular biology databases, sequence alignment, gene expression data analysis, protein structure and function, protein analysis, and proteomics. Prerequisite: Data Structures class equivalent to EECS 330, and Introduction to Biology equivalent to BIOL 150, or consent of instructor.

Master of Science in Information Technology

The master's of information technology degree focuses on the applied aspects of technologies and practices used to provide digital services to customers within industry. These focus areas range from telecommunications, software development, cyber security, systems management, policy construction, and legal / regulatory concerns around tech use in an evolving world. Graduate students are expected to learn and demonstrate competency in solving real world problems with real world technologies. Additionally, courses in this program require students to organize into work groups, complete collective assignments, and practice peer leadership to accomplish goals. Graduates of this program should be capable of analyzing and solving complex technological issues and feel comfortable assuming managerial or executive roles in industry.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

...3 EECS 660 Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms 3 EECS 662 Programming Languages 3 EECS 730...

Doctor of Philosophy in Business

...or ECON 730 Topics in Industrial Organization EECS 738 Machine Learning 3 or EECS 837...